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Project Manager

During the construction and post construction phases of the project monitor performance to ensure timeliness and profitability. Continue to maintain liaison with the customer.


Performance Objectives:

Annual revenue volume is expected to range from $5,000,000.00 + (junior level) to $15,000,000.00 + (senior level) or as otherwise determined by management.


Education Requirements: A BS Degree in Construction Management or Engineering is preferred.


Experience Requirements: Introductory-Three (3) years to Senior-Five (5) or more years of construction project management experience encompassing sitework, underground utilities and asphalt paving.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Actively supports and adheres to the company safety policy.

  • Supports and adheres to the policies, procedures and guidelines in the company Procedures Manual as applicable to this position.

  • Supports and participates in the development and execution of the company strategic plan.

  • Consistently anticipates and meets or exceeds the expectations of internal and/or external customers.

  • Demonstrates a strong team player orientation.

  • Supports company marketing efforts; remaining alert to business opportunities and sharing information with appropriate company personnel whenever possible.

  • Attends work consistently and regularly.


Desired Knowledge and/or Skills: Construction methodologies, techniques, principles,

and processes.  Local soils, building codes, water agency and design requirements.  Computers and computerized estimating programs.  Project management knowledge and skill.  Ability to read/interpret documents and contracts.  Knowledge of equipment production/crew production rates.  Familiarity with local vendors and subcontractors.  Excellent presentation, marketing and communication skills.


Essential Job Functions:

Work in a safe manner, wear appropriate safety gear and report any unsafe practices observed in the field to the supervisor. Manage the submittal process to ensure the adherence to all product and material specifications. Review the project requirements and ensure that all purchase orders and subcontracts have been issued and satisfactorily returned in a timely manner to allow for keeping the project on schedule. Manage both the long and short term schedule. Manage project change to include the preparation of change order requests, issuance of change orders and the development of budget adjustments.  Review project budget and monitor performance to maximize profitability. Prepare monthly project billings by completing billing worksheets and assisting the accounts receivable position with generating the billing and collecting the receivable.  Monitor project financial performance and assemble monthly cost to complete estimates.  Review and approve vendor and subcontractor invoices prior to payment.  Manage the communication process and serve as liaison with client and project consultants at the administrative level.  Ensure the field receives all relevant communication (copies of submittals, budget, change orders, etc.) in a timely manner.  Interact well with other employees and customers.  Attend bi-weekly scheduling meetings, departmental meetings and project meetings as required. 


Other Job Functions: Delegating pre-determined duties to assigned Project Engineers.


Physical Demands: Tour and examine unimproved building sites.  Visit construction sites to review and monitor progress.  Frequent reaching, handling, fingering, talking, hearing and near acuity.  Light work strength rating.

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