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Operates several types of power construction equipment, such as

motor graders, excavators, asphalt paving machines, backhoes, tractors and scrapers to

excavate, move, spread, compact and grade earth, rock and asphalt paving materials.


Education Requirements: High school diploma preferable.


Experience Requirements: Introductory-None to Senior-Five (5) or more years of

construction experience on the appropriate type of equipment in a construction environment encompassing site work, underground utilities and asphalt paving.


Desired Knowledge and/or Skills: Knowledge of construction machinery, capacities

and safe operating procedures. Capable of performing close tolerance work safely and

productively. Knowledge of material handling methods and procedures. Knowledge of

local site conditions. Ability to read plans and stakes. Familiar with OSHA regulations.


Core Responsibilities:

 Actively supports and adheres to the company safety policy.

 Supports and adheres to the policies, procedures and guidelines in the company Procedures Manual as applicable to this position.

 Supports and participates in the development and execution of the company strategic plan.

 Consistently anticipates and meets or exceeds the expectations of internal and/or external customers.

 Demonstrates a strong team player orientation.

 Supports company marketing efforts; remaining alert to business opportunities and sharing information with appropriate company personnel whenever possible.

 Attends work consistently and regularly.


Essential Job Functions: Operate various types of equipment in a safe manner to

produce a high quality product while also maintaining production rates at industry

standards. Remain aware of surroundings on the job site at all times. Determine correct

speed depending on activity and materials. Observe stakes and/or laser guidance systems

to bring surface to specified grade. Listen to sound of engine to determine capacity and

proper utilization of equipment. Complete Operator’s Equipment Condition Report on a

daily basis. Receive written or oral instructions from supervisor. Pre-plan work on a

daily basis to manage time/resources. Assist with problem solving as needed. Assist in

any site operations as necessary with or without use of motorized equipment. Handle

stress and interact well with other employees and customers. Communicate with fellow

crew members, foreman, superintendent, client/client representatives effectively. Ability

to instruct others in equipment operation. Flexibility to work assisting other divisions as needed.

Other Job Functions: Perform routine maintenance. Maximize the useful life of


Physical Demands: Frequent climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching,

handling, fingering, near acuity, depth perception and field of vision. Occasional

balancing, crawling, talking, hearing, far acuity and color vision. Turn valves and/or

hand-wheels, depresses pedals, and move levers to adjust

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